What alicorn are you

This is the alicorn quiz and a alicorn is a pony with wings and horn. These are the princess alicorns from my little pony. Find witch one you are today.

I love my little pony and I know there are bronies or pegasisters out there who would love to take this quiz so that's why I created it. Ok my questions rant the best cause you run out of things to ask plus it is a lot of work to make a quiz.

Created by: Kyra
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What time do you pefer
  2. What do you treasure
  3. How do you fix a problem
  4. What would you be doing all day
  5. If u weren't a princess you would be a ......
  6. What would your pet be
  7. What colors do you prefer
  8. Who would you choose as a best alicorn friend
  9. What season do you enjoy
  10. What magic would you learn
  11. If you could choose another power

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Quiz topic: What alicorn am I