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This category is for all fantasy cartoons and their fandoms. As you can see we are missing a lot here, but this category is expected you grow. You can help by making a quiz on your favorite fantasy cartoon.


Our Fantasy Quizzes

  • Which The Dragon Prince Character Are You?
    [by: ohnoitsvoltron, rated: rated: 4.31/5, published: Sep 18, 2018]

    There’s a land far from ours filled with magic and creatures beyond our own imaginations, and it’s being broadcast on Netflix under the name ‘The Dragon…

  • Which Fairy Talent Do You Have? [Pixie Hollow]
    [by: Kenzie Rae, rated: rated: 4.26/5, published: Jun 22, 2018]

    What type of fairy would you be? A water fairy? Tinker? Garden? Eight possible results!

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