How Well Do You Know Ever After High?

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Hi! I'm Blondie Lockes! Daughter of Goldilocks! I'm new here! Hi! I love porridge and I love to gossip! Definitely to my BFFA's! Am I just right? Hehe!

This is a quiz about my school Ever After High! Please comment and rate at the end! This is my first quiz and I'd appreciate it if you tell me how was it! Thanks and enjoy!

Created by: Blondie Lockes
  1. Hi! I'm Blondie Lockes! Daughter of Goldilocks and I'm new here! I don't have a profile yet, but I'll be making one soon! This is my first quiz! I hope you like it! First question, who's our Headmaster?
  2. Who has a secret in which thinks that they would be banished?
  3. What are our two cliques?
  4. Who refused to sign the Book of Legends?
  5. Who transferred from the school Monster High?
  6. Who declared themselves as a Rebel because of their boyfriend?
  7. Who is the only guy with a girlfriend?
  8. Who are the two future couple?
  9. Who isn't evil like their Mother?
  10. Even harder questions you don't know! Does Briar Beauty have a cousin named Rosabella Beauty? (Daughter of the Beauty and the Beast)
  11. True or false? Dexter Charming is supposed to be the next Beast from the Beauty and the Beast?
  12. True or false? Briar Beauty has eight little brothers?
  13. True or false? Our Headmaster's name is Milton Grimm?
  14. True or false? Headmaster Grimm's younger brother name is Giles Grimm?
  15. True or false? Headmaster Grimm cursed his younger brother to the Vault of Lost Tales for believing that people should write their own destinies?
  16. Done! I hope you liked my first quiz and I'll be making more! Definitely about Ever After High! Please tell me how you liked it in the comments and don't forget to rate! Bye! (Click "Bye Blondie Lockes!")

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ever After High?