Which Text Talk Are You?

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Hi! It's Blondie Lockes! I finally thought of a quiz! Hopefully it will be in the Top 40 quizzes! Help me get it there! I was busy and I had to help Briar Beauty decorate Legacy Day and Thronecoming! We had Thronecoming today and we're having Legacy Day tomorrow! Wish me and my BFFA's good luck!

Hope you enjoyed my newest, latest quiz! Um...... gotta write more characters here..... uhh.... just right! Hehe! Get it? Just right? Hehe! Um.... enjoy!

Created by: Blondie Lockes
  1. You are?
  2. You?
  3. Someone is being bullied so some other kid beats up the bully! What do you do?
  4. You get in serious trouble and get a detention! What did you do?
  5. You win a trophy for?
  6. Your friend (he or she) tries on some clothes! Your reaction?
  7. You take a big test that is really hard! You?
  8. Someone's new at your school! You?
  9. You saw this over weight, ugly lady about to go on a date and she asked you how did she look! You reply?
  10. Someone's teasing you because they think that they know the right answer, but it was wrong! You say?
  11. What Text Talk is your favorite out of these six?

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Quiz topic: Which Text Talk am I?