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I have many friends on myspace. Some I know well, some I know only through another friend, and some I hardly know at all. Here is your chance to show me how well we know each other.

Are you someone I talk to every day? Did I text you last night? Did we grab a drink last week? Or have I never even spoken to you? Find out in just a moment...

Created by: Jo
  1. It's summer break, and I'm off to my favorite city on earth. Where am I going?
  2. I am a music lover. I've attended all kinds of concerts. Which concert did I have the most fun at?
  3. I need an outfit to wear out on Saturday night. Where am I headed to shop?
  4. It's 6:55 am on a Tuesday morning. Where am I, and what am I doing?
  5. My best friend since 6th grade just called. Where is she calling from?
  6. My dog drives me crazy sometimes. What is my biggest "pet" peeve (and the one I work constantly to prevent)?
  7. All my friends are going out. It's a Thursday night. Where are we headed?
  8. I just ate one of my favorite foods. It's a Wednesday or Thursday night. What did I just eat?
  9. My yard is overgrown and in bad need of a mowing. What do I do?
  10. I'm getting ready to go to bed. What am I doing?

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