Do You Talk Too Fast?

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Some people-including myself, sometimes-talk too fast. They slur their words together until what they're saying is incomprehensible to the listener.

Are you one of those people? Do you talk too fast? Do you talk at a normal speed? Or do you maybe talk too slow? Find out right now with this short, easy quiz!

Created by: Fallout3
  1. How often do people ask you to repeat what you say?
  2. Do you slur your words?
  3. Do you do most things quickly, ex: walk, eat, etc.?
  4. Do you ever get tongue-twisted from trying to say too much at once?
  5. When you talk normally, people sometimes look...
  6. Say this sentence aloud: "I am hungry". How long did it take you?
  7. Say this sentence aloud: "We walked to the park". How long did it take you?
  8. Say this sentence aloud: "The restaurant's hot soup was delicious". How long did it take you?
  9. Say this sentence aloud: "The result was highly unexpected; it surprised everyone". How long did it take you?
  10. Say this sentence aloud: "After searching through the big closet, she finally settled on an acceptable dress for the party she was headed to". How long did it take you?

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