The Royal Quiz (Burger King)

There are many fast food corporations like Burger King and Mac Donalds. Many people eat fast food. Though only a few know the history about all those corporations.

So are you a true fast food fanatic? Are you worthy enough to take part in this quiz and to let everybody see you are a true die hard? Yes? So start and impress me!

Created by: Maxime Nuyts
  1. When is the Burger King corporation founded?
  2. What's the most famous item on the menu of a Burger King restaurant?
  3. When is the First TV advertisement for Burger King broadcasted?
  4. Where opens the Burger King corporation it's first Burger King restaurant outside the United States?
  5. Which company purchases the Burger King corporation?
  6. What kind of healthy fries are introduced for the children in the happy meal?
  7. When did the Croissan'wich made his debut?
  8. How many guests visit Burger King restaurants each day?
  9. What's it's rank on the largest fast food hamburger chain in the world?
  10. Which beverage can't you drink in a Burger King restaurant?

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