The Burger King Quiz

This quiz is going to test your knowledge about Burger King. I work there so I know way more than a natural amount about Burger King. So.. yeah. Have fun

By the way, I ran out of time while making this quiz.. I had to go to work.. at burger king... so I might make a part 2, if you think this is somewhat entertaining, watch for that in my quizzes.

Created by: coolme3

  1. I work at Burger King, so yeah... there could be some kinda difficult questions.. I guess. Haha. Keep in mind that there could possibly be some stuff different about different burger kings, it should generally be the same though. and I made this February of 2012, so I'm including stuff from now, and prices from now.... I guess I'll start off right away. What is BK's version of McDonald's "Big Mac"?
  2. Which of these is NOT a kid's meal option?
  3. Which item was recently (its Feb. 2012) discontinued from Burger King? Even though a lot of people really like it..
  4. What is the only thing at BK that is less than a dollar, even including tax? not including senior beverages(as of Feb. 2012)
  5. Which of these ingrediants is NOT on a Whopper?
  6. What kind of cheese goes on a Mushroom & Swiss Topper?
  7. What are the 2 NEW kinds of Chicken sandwiches? (its Feb. 2012)
  8. How many slices of cheese go on a Double Stacker?
  9. Which of these is made with a Topper Patty?
  10. How many slices of tomato go on a Whopper?
  11. What kind of sauce goes on the Deluxe Topper?

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