is your burger good or bad

When you take this quiz, it will help you to know which burger joint is right for you. Your results will say which burger joint is also the most healthy for you! Pretty please answer all of the questions as truthfully as you can!

Also, we do not care about your name or personal information, so it is okay to make up the answers to the first 2 questions. Once you start this quiz, we will encourage you greatly to finish the quiz to the very end! This will really help!

Created by: Admerica

  1. How many times do you think your burger has been frozen?
  2. What do you think your burger's meat quality is?
  3. What is your favorite topping?
  4. How fresh do you think your french fries are?
  5. How do you like your burger cooked?
  6. What does your burger look like?
  7. How much does your burger cost?
  8. What kind of shakes do you like?
  9. What quality is your average shake?
  10. What do you want your burger to be?
  11. How did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my burger good or bad