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White Rock Fitness & Nutrition's Shake Bar, located in Ada, OK, serves natural, whole food shakes supplied through Performance Food Centers and designed for healthy snacks, meal replacements and recovery. Located at 1012 N. Mississippi Ave and opened 5:30am-8:00pm Monday through Friday (8:00am-2:00pm on Saturdays).

Our Registered Dietitian has hand-picked each item on our Shake Bar Menu to meet a specific nutritional need. At the end of this quiz, you will see a shake that the RD recommends for you. Print off your results and bring with you to the Shake Bar and receive 50% off your shake.

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  1. How many servings of fruits and veggies do you typically consume each day?
  2. Name your fav flavor.
  3. I do not like the taste of:
  4. Do you rely on caffeine to get through the day?
  5. My food personality can be described as:
  6. My friends would describe my personality as.
  7. I would like a meal replacement that will keep me full for at least 4 hours.
  8. I like the taste of veggies.
  9. Looking for the perfect refuel and recovery shake after a good workout?
  10. Do you get 3 servings of dairy / dairy alternative a day or at least 1,000 mg calcium in your diet per day?
  11. Would you like to increase the amount of nutrients you get through food to allow you to decrease the amount of nutrients you have to get through supplements?
  12. I'm just looking for a healthy snack.

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