Who Are You in Shake It Up?

Shake it up is a chance to dance. So dance yourself up to the top like Rocky and Cece did and never give up and you'll accomplish your dream someday!.

Don't be upset if you didn't get who you expected and wanted because this does not mean your not like them but everybody's different to be individual!!!

Created by: eMily
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you good at dancing?
  2. Do you like Selling things or shopping?
  3. Do you like saying Shake it up?
  4. What is Aaja Na?
  5. The Summer Dinner was?
  6. Who is Rocky?
  7. Which is the odd one out?
  8. Which colour is the best out of these?
  9. Who thinks British accents are Aussie Sayings?
  10. What is this Word? _ _ _ _ _ _ it up?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in Shake It Up?