How well do you know CeCe Jones from Shake It Up

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There are many fan of her,but few who knows everything about she.They are,afterall,quite hard to find.How can you be a big fan?You can be one of them by knowing everything about the quiz.

Are you a big fan?Do you know everything about her?Until now you can find out what you miss.But thanks to this all about how good do they know quiz them will find out

Created by: Cecile Maria Jewel

  1. What are her 3 favorite color?
  2. What is her style?
  3. What is her morning route?
  4. What are her favorite shows?
  5. What is her favorite animal/species of animals?
  6. What are her favorite subjects in school?
  7. How close are CeCe and Rocky?
  8. What is her favorite book?
  9. What color is her room/door
  10. How weak is she?
  11. how old is she?
  12. when is her birthdate?
  13. What is her personality?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know CeCe Jones from Shake It Up