What is your Style?

What is your style? Take this quiz to find out what your style is! Have you ever wondered what your style is? Did it ever occur to you that knowing your style can help you maintain the look you want to achieve?

Are you that luxurious girl who sparkles whenever she walks into a room? Are you the girly girl or a tom-boy? Are you casually Normal? Are you scene? Are you sexy? Takethis quiz to find out!

Created by: Marissa
  1. What are your favorite colors?
  2. Which one word describes your attitude?
  3. Which of the following hairstyles do you wear?
  4. How long is your hair?
  5. What kinds of makeup do you wear?
  6. Which of the following categories displays the color of your hair?
  7. What eyebrow shape do you have?
  8. What is your skin color?
  9. Which of the following items do you own?
  10. What type of friends do you have?
  11. What is one thing that you are known for?

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Quiz topic: What is my Style?