Do You Know "Buffy"?

Think you know "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Some quizzes take the easy route...asking you to name a character or two, or a specific episode. This is not your grandmas Buffy quiz my friend.

Test your knowledge of obscure Buffy trivia, and see if you have what it takes to hang at the Hellmouth. Will you be one of the chosen, or will you be tossed out of the Buffy-verse feet first?

Created by: Chris Jones
  1. Alysson Hannigan is that actress who portrays...
  2. There are two villains that Succeed in killing Buffy. They are...
  3. In the episode "Chosen", the first taunts Buffy during the final battle by appearing as...
  4. In which season does the groundbreaking silent episode "Hush" appear?
  5. During the 7th Season premiere, The First mocks Spike by appearing as all of the villains Buffy has fought. Choose the correct order of their appearance to Spike.
  6. Giles, portrayed by Anthony Stewart Head, has a hidden talent. What is it?
  7. Buffy is a Slayer. How many other slayers are there after season 2 and before season 7?
  8. Which of the Following episodes did Joss Whedon NOT write and direct?
  9. Who is the "Key"?
  10. This Buffy Alum went on to co-create the popular cartoon network show "Robot Chicken"
  11. Finish the Line: "If the Apocalypse comes..."
  12. In order to keep Dawn safe, Spike tells Glory that the Key is...
  13. What is the last line spoken in the series finale?

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