Are you a buffy master?

Buffyverse has lived in this generation and ended in it.But the legacy of her courage still lives.It passed through out the world and settled finely.But a Buffy master seeks in your hometown.IS IT YOU?

Answer the following questions and uncover your legendary inside that devours beneath the blood.A Buffy master rattles around you.As the time passes by you will learn the outlooks of Buffy.

Created by: Keanu
  1. What episode of season 4 did Tara appear in?
  2. What series did Buffy die for the second time
  3. What episode did Willow appear as a vampire for the second time?
  4. What episode did Darla die in?
  5. Name the series that Anya (Anyanka) made her debut?
  6. What was the name of the last episode of series 2?
  7. What was the name of the other slayer in the two part episode whats my line?
  8. What episode did Jenny Calendar make her debut?
  9. Who did Buffy fight in the first episode of series 5?
  10. Darla is the first vampire to appear for the first time on which episode?

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Quiz topic: Am I a buffy master?