Buffy the Vampire Quiz

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has countless fans. Are you one of them? Do you consider yourself smart on the topic? Do you brag to your friends about your superior knowledge about the Buffyverse?

By all means, prove it! Here are over 20 questions about Buffy, her friends, the show, the actors, the plot, and much more! Go start and prove yourself a true Buffy fan!

Created by: Anders Klarskov
  1. What is the last name of Buffy the vampire slayer?
  2. What town does Buffy live in?
  3. How many seasons of the tv-show have been made?
  4. Who of the following did not appear in season one?
  5. Who of the following has not been kissed intimately by Xander Harris?
  6. What was the name of Buffy's second Watcher?
  7. Who came out as gay in season 4?
  8. How did Buffy's mother die in season 5?
  9. To whom did Buffy lose her virginity?
  10. What was Glory?
  11. How old was Dawn when first introduced?
  12. Who plays the part of Tara?
  13. Which character had a spin-off planned but never realised?
  14. Who had a robot-version of Buffy made and had sex with it?
  15. Which major character was killed in the finale of season 5?
  16. Who uses the phrase 'Dear Lord' in almost every episode?
  17. Who plays the role of Spike?
  18. Who of the following had sex?
  19. Who has a phobia of rabbits?
  20. Which show lived longer?
  21. Who of the following has not been a major villain?
  22. What title does the series finale have?

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