Are you a true Buffy fan?

This is a quiz about Buffy the Vampire Slayer the series. All Seven season are included and many different characters are included. See if any questions here can stump you!!

Do you think your are the Ultimate Buffy the Vampire slayer Fan? Take this quiz and so we can find out where you rank! If you rank 100% than you are the Ultimate fan like me!!!!

Created by: amazon
  1. What is the name of the city where Buffy lives?
  2. What did every other slayer but Buffy receive?
  3. How did Buffy first die?
  4. Who is William the Bloody?
  5. What is Oz's first name and last name?
  6. What wish did Cordelia make to the Vengeance Demon?
  7. Who/What is Anyankah?
  8. What does Xander lose to The Preacher?
  9. Who makes the Buffy Bot?
  10. Who created Dawn?
  11. Why did the Key get formed into a human?
  12. How did Joyce die?
  13. Who hooked up in "Band Candy"
  14. Did Buffy ever tell Spike she loved him?
  15. What was the wedding song Buffy wanted to use for her "marriage" to spike while they were under a spell?
  16. What was Riley doing behind Buffy's back?
  17. What did Tara's family convince her of?
  18. What was Willow's addiction?
  19. Who is Amy?
  20. Who helped change Amy back to a human?
  21. What did Adam call Professor Walsh?
  22. Who is Rex?
  23. If you were a teen in sunnydale where would you hang out?
  24. Who Sired Angel
  25. What was the orb called used to repel Glory?
  26. What item did Anya buy from eBAY, needed to bring Buffy back from the grave?
  27. What item did Miss Calendar buy to bring back Angel's soul?
  28. Where did Buffy think she was when she died the second time?
  29. In "once more with feeling", Who was the woman that was singing about the unfairness of a parking ticket?
  30. What nickname did Harmony give to spike?
  31. Where did Willow meet Tara?
  32. Who was the first person Buffy told that she thought she was in Heaven?
  33. What is Buffy's address?
  34. Who did Andrew kill?
  35. What is Anya afraid of?
  36. What is Xanders full name?
  37. How was Oz turned into a Werewolf?
  38. Who else in Giles family was a Watcher?
  39. How does Principal Woods know about Buffy?
  40. How does principal Flutie die?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Buffy fan?