Die Hard Buffy Fans Quiz

Buffy Fans have a lot of stuff to notice in every episode. How much attention do you pay to episodes of the best T.V show ever created. These questions are a lot harder than others i've seen. So only true Buffy fans will score highly.

Are you a total Buffy fan take this test and see if you really have what it takes. This quiz is very hard and only die hard fans will score highly or really good guessers :)

Created by: Katharine
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  1. In the Episode Passions during the music by Christophe Beck entitled 'remembering Jenny' which cast member is doing the harmonies?
  2. In which episode does Johnathon Levinson make his first apperance?
  3. How many Boyfriends has Buffy had whilst being in Sunnydale even counting those that didn't last that long?
  4. Which episode did Angel Leave?
  5. In which Episode did Buffy and Spike consumate their relationship?
  6. What was Oz's real name?
  7. Who are the two members of the production team that appeared in the musical episode of Buffy, Once more with feeling?
  8. What is the song Giles sings in the episode 'Where the Wild things are'?
  9. Which Season is the Episode Lie to me?
  10. Who says the following line and to whom: "Who made you the boss of the group"

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