The Ultimate Buffy Quiz! Part 1

Are you a true Buffy fan? Find out by taking this quiz. This is a serious quiz and alot of effort went into it, so enjoy.This is part one of the quiz. The questions are derived from seasons 1-7. Part 2 coming soon

Part two will consist of more Buffy questions spanning from seasons 1-7. The questions will be more difficult and more in depth. So get prepared and watch more Buffy!

Created by: emily
  1. What is Buffy's Mother's name?
  2. What is Buffy's astrological sign?
  3. What was Buffy's score on the SATs?
  4. In the episode "Checkpoint", what does Anya say her real full name is?
  5. What is the name of the ring Angel gives to buffy in Season 2?
  6. What is Buffy's address?
  7. In the episode "The Zeppo", what does Jack call Xander?
  8. What does Giles fight in the episode:"Tabula Rasa"?
  9. What does Angel give to buffy the first time they meet?
  10. In the episode "Conversations with Dead People", what is the name of the vampire Buffy slays at the end?
  11. In the episode "Hush", what are the Gentleman collecting?
  12. Who does the Scooby Gang rescue in "Intervention", season 5?
  13. What does Angel do to Willow in season 2?
  14. Why does Tara cast a spell on the scooby gang in season 5?
  15. What is Dawn?
  16. Who does Faith work for in Season 3?
  17. According to Spike, how many days was Buffy dead?
  18. Who appears in everyone's dream in "Restless"? (besides the first slayer)
  19. Who does Willow meet on the net in Season 1?
  20. In "Passions" who dies?
  21. Who does Amy introduce Willow to in season 6?
  22. What is the code word for the Watcher's Council?
  23. What episode do Buffy and Riley first sleep together?
  24. What is the name of the previous owner of the Magic Box? (right before Giles)
  25. Who tries to kill Spike in Season 7?
  26. Who does Xander cheat on Cordy with in Season 3?
  27. What is the name of the watcher that tried to kill them all?
  28. How many hostiles does Riley claim to have killed in the episode:"A New Man"?
  29. What is the name of the cemetary in Sunnydale.
  30. How much money did Giles pay Spike to help him in Season 4?
  31. What is the new manager's name after Manny dies in "Doublemeat Palace"?
  32. What is the new manager's name after Manny dies in "Doublemeat Palace"?
  33. Who convinces Xander not to marry Anya?
  34. What is Tara's brother's name?
  35. Which seasons are the only ones to have Halloween episodes?
  36. Which of the seasons was Buffy's birthday celebrated?
  37. What is Spike's favorite food at the Bronze?
  38. What song would Buffy want as the first song of her wedding?
  39. Who nearly kills Buffy in Season 7?
  40. Who was the first person of the Scooby Gang that Buffy spoke to?

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