That Name is Striking Fear in Nobody's Heart: The Buffy Names Qui

What's in a name? Would a Buffy by any other name be so cool and quippy? If you think you know a lot about the names of the Buffyverse, this quiz is for you.

Do the characters on Buffy feel like they are your old friends? Then test yourself to see if you're really on a full name basis with the Scoobies et al.

Created by: speakpirate of Speakpirate's Cove
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  1. Buffy's middle name is:
  2. Faith's surname is:
  3. Anya's surname is:
  4. Xander's middle name is:
  5. When he was human, Angel's name was:
  6. In the episode "Gingerbread," Willow's mom forbids her from hanging out with that:
  7. When Willow's spell causes the gang to lose their memories in "Tabula Rasa," Spike believes that his name is:
  8. Oz is called Oz because:
  9. Charisma Carpenter's mother named her after:
  10. The name Buffy is actually a pet form of what name?
  11. When Buffy runs away to LA, what is Xander's Slayer Patrol code name?
  12. What was Anya's name before she became a vengeance demon?

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