How well do you know Shake it Up?

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Do you think you know the show Shake it Up? If you think you do, try taking this quiz! It's all about Shake it Up and the characters! Hope you enjoy it!

Shake it up is an awesome show starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya! If you are the ultimate fan, this quiz should be a piece of cake! I think you will really like it!

Created by: Nantie
  1. Which of the two main characters has red hair?
  2. Who are the Hessenheffers?
  3. Who did Cece go to the dance with?
  4. Who is the host of Shake it Up Chicago?
  5. In the first episode, who makes it into Shake it up Chicago in the beginning?
  6. What is Rocky's last name?
  7. Who always one-ups Rocky in the episode "Show it up"?
  8. Who is Cece's sibling?
  9. Do Rocky and Cece both make it on Shake it Up?
  10. Who gets an injury in the episode "Break it Up"?
  11. Right now (2011), How many seasons are there?
  12. Who is related to Rocky?
  13. What is Rocky's real name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Shake it Up?