do u know shake it up?

How well do you know SHAKE IT UP characters? I really don't know hat else to put, so I'm goin to say random stuff! blubber q tip oatmeal i want my cheesy poof top ramen penny

dumbo pizza delivery service dog barks at mail guy cheese its love bunny arrow Dr. Gru mineon! gay2raid my mom was cooking her specialty chicken dinner but she forgot to make the chicken

Created by: devildiva
  1. Cece is more of a...
  2. Rocky is a(n)
  3. Flinn is
  4. Cece's mom is a...
  5. Cece and Rocky star in Shake It Up
  6. Cece is played by
  7. Rocky is played by
  8. Flynn is played by
  9. who plays Ty?
  10. who plays Ty?
  11. Who plays Deuce?

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