hardest simpsons quiz ever

yada yada yada oh every afternoon when the clock strikes four, a crazy bunch of kids crash through that door, well they throw off there coats and leave the squares behind and then they shake it shake it shake it like there losin there mind you never see them frown cause ther the nicest kids in town

joan was quizzical studyed pathophysical science in the home late nughts all alone with a test tube joooooan maxwell edison majoring in medicine calls her on the phone can i take you out to the pictures joooan, but as she's gettin ready to go he creeps up from behind bang bang maxwells silver hammer came down upon her head

Created by: ricky
  1. what is uter's last name?
  2. what is marge's dad's name?
  3. what is the name of the kid bart tells to give him 10 bucks every week?
  4. easy one here in the episode ANY GIVEN SUNDANCE what does moleman's apron say?
  5. in NEW KIDS ON THE BLEECH who produces drop da bomb?
  6. what does marge buy to of on line?
  7. what is sideshow mel's favorite food?
  8. what does ralph's mom sell at the bake sale?
  9. what is krusty's jail number?
  10. what reminder did homer put on his body?
  11. what did snake's son 1st say to bart?
  12. who's dad owns a cavern?
  13. what isnt one of apu's kids names?
  14. what is the sanitation comissoners name?
  15. what are the firecrackers name that bart and milhouse find?
  16. who isnt a mensa member?

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