How well do you now shake it up

This quiz is to see how we'll you know you know shake it up the tv show if you scored 100 congratulations if you haven't stated yet what are you waiting for

Are you a genius do you have what it takes to know shake it up or even be in shake it up well take this quiz to find out thanks to this great in few minutes you could be a big fan

Created by: Emma

  1. What is cece's last name?
  2. Who is Rocky's brother?
  3. What are rocky and cece?
  4. What does rocky and cece do?
  5. What is the name of the dance show that rocky and cece go to?
  6. Who is the host of the dance show that rocky and cece go to?
  7. On the first episode what did they save money for?
  8. Who does cece and rocky go to dance with?
  9. Who was the knew shake it up host?
  10. Who is cece's brother?
  11. Who is deuce girlfriend?
  12. Who is Flynn girlfriend?
  13. What is cece's mom name?
  14. Who is Rocky's mom

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Quiz topic: How well do I now shake it up