Are you Goodburger's Ed or Dexter?

Good Burger is a good movie. It is good, a very good movie! You know what's a good movie? Good Burger. Now take this if you are lovable Ed, or trouble prone Dexter in this quiz! Good Burger is good, very, very, very good!

Will you be Ed, or Dexter? Do you know what movie I am talking about? No? Yes? Figure it out, or else evil zombies from Merkur will come and take you hostage! No, but I will be sad. Weally, weally sad! Take my quiz, PLEASE!

Created by: Liz

  1. You accidently hit your teachers car. What do you do?
  2. Do u like your job?
  3. You help friends
  4. obin hedin globbin globin' 2D, Muds.
  5. Randomness is bliss!
  6. Do you have to fight with another company/person to gain control of somefink?
  7. Do or did you have something that you threw together and people actually liked it?
  8. Do you know what 34+b=C means?
  9. Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger...
  10. You drive a...

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Quiz topic: Am I Goodburger's Ed or Dexter?