What Type of Burger Are You

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This quiz will tell you which burger matches your personality. Are you classic and original or a trendy creative person. Do you like your burgers plain or topped with everything.

This quiz is fun and original and has info that can help you choose what to eat next time and when you order a burger ask if its matches your personality. Dry and bland or juicy and flavorful

Created by: wizzyy
  1. How much sauce do you like
  2. Which one of these describes you the best at a party
  3. Which side goes best with a burger
  4. Which word describes your personality the best
  5. If you had to choose a fry, which one do you like the best
  6. Whats your favorite colors
  7. What sauce is the best on a burger
  8. What topping goes best with a burger
  9. How do you live life
  10. If you have to choose an alternative patty besides beef, what will it be
  11. Who's the best mascot
  12. How do you dress
  13. Whats the best type of bun
  14. Wheres the best place to eat a burger
  15. What cheese is the best cheese

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