Are You More Of A Trendy Person Or Off Trend Person?

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This is basically a random quiz that my head had the right to put it on a website. Anyway this is something that will tell you halfly if your a trendy or a non trendy. i am personally a non trendy tbh. i'm bored johnny

You can take this quiz if you want. it's just me being stupid and judgemental. so if you wanna cry all night this is the quiz- I'M JOKING DMSSMEJIDJEI but if you really just want to be judged this is a good place for you

Created by: Gracie

  1. Do you go shopping often?
  2. Do you like Taylor more or avril?
  3. Books or social media?
  4. Concerts or Shows?
  5. Instagram or Twitter?
  6. Whens the last time you had your hair done?
  7. Clout or vans?
  8. , what color of nail polish?
  9. What gender?
  10. How old are you?

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Quiz topic: Am I More Of A Trendy Person Or Off Trend Person?