What Kind of Quiz Taker Are you?

There are many MySpace and various other online quizzes going around like a flu epidemic. A fun flu, granted. But with the same speed, is all that I meant. How fun.

But why do they spread so fast? Why do you take them? Why do I take them? Maybe this test will help us find out. Paragraph 2 must be at least 150 words. I am unsure why this is, so maybe I will make a quiz later on to determine why more words than are necessary are required. There must be some kind of valid reason.

Created by: James
  1. If you had to choose out of the following superpowers, which one would you choose to have for one day?
  2. Do you think this question matters much to your end score?
  3. What is the best word here?
  4. There are six pens on a table before you. Each are magic or special pens. Which do you choose, if you must choose only one?
  5. Which of these answers is best to describe why you take online quizzes?
  6. If you were to receive a magic ring that could bestow upon you ONLY one knowledge of the following six, which would you be most interested in choosing?
  7. You are deep inside an abandoned cave. No one knows where you are at. You can't remember how you got here. There are six doors. Which one do you take?
  8. Including this question, 5 questions on this quiz have no effect on your score. Which of the following groups of questions do you think best represents which questions those 5 are?
  9. This one really doesn't matter, it is just a filler. But you still have to fill out to get a result.
  10. This is the only answer that matters!

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Quiz Taker am I?