Risky Business!!!!

Do you have the heat of a lion or are you more of a scardy cat?Answer these questions to find out how much of a RISK-TAKER you are!See if you are a wild child or if yoour in the middle.do you love dares or despise them.this quiz will tell you.

Are you a risk taker?take my quiz to find out what type of risk taker you are!!See if you are a wild child or if yoour in the middle.do you love dares or despise them.this quiz will tell you.

Created by: Grace

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  1. Your new friend and her parents invite you out to eat at a fancy French resturant and you dont understand a thing on the menue.You see something called Escargot and you decide to get the dish,but you dont find out what it is until the food arrives-gourmet cooked snails!EWW! you:
  2. On the end of the year class trip to a water park,all of your friends are daring each other to go on the super tall,super twisty,super SCARY new waterslide.you:
  3. You're at sumnmer camp hiking through the woods when your counselor spots a little green snake in the bushes.before anyone can start screaming she grabs it and holds it up saying"see?its harmless" you:
  4. Its just after midnight at your best friends slumber party and everyone is awake telling super spooky ghost stories.suddenly you hear a strange "bump bump" noise coming from the basement! everyone just stares with their mouths open.you:
  5. Your mom lets you borrow this gorgeous necklace that your grand parents gave her when she was a little girl.your dying to wear it to school but she would kill you if it got lost or broken!you:
  6. Your hanging out at the beach with your friends and its sunnier than you thought it would be-and your not wearing any sunscreen! you definatly:
  7. Your ultimate dream car is
  8. You goit invited to this years Halloween Costume Ball.Your costume is:
  9. after your friends mini golfing party everybody goes for sundaes but your only allowed to go up 2 the bar once.do you sneak back up for seconds?

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