Are you A Daredevil?

There are so may risky people, but few true daredevils. Daredevil is, afterall, quite exeptional. What is a daredevil? Daredevil is someone who had an extrodanarily risky heart, is able to take on risky challenges, and see the worls through an entirely new point of view from the wimps.

Are YOU a daredevil? Do you have the guts to qualify for that presigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, just a few minuites and you will find out soon enough!

Created by: Gustauf Salem
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you rather...
  2. You're at an amusment park, and you can only ride one ride, what ride would that be?
  3. What lengths would you go to, to join a group of people at school?
  4. At Zaxby's (or wherever) what kind of souce do you like with your fries?
  5. Chose a job:
  6. You're on a Motorcross Bike, and you're going off a ramp, what do you think you could jump?
  7. Bunjee Jumping:
  8. What best decribes you:
  9. Movies you usually go see are rated...
  10. Favorite Sport out of These:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Daredevil?