What kind of a Quiz Taker Are You?

Everyone's making a quiz. But why? And why do we take them. Could a quiz perhaps shed some light on why we take quizzes? Can the Socratic Method tell us anything about the Socratic Method? Does Godel's Incompleteness Theorem apply to your ability to know yourself? What kind of quiz taker are YOU? Do you take quizzes to satisfy yourself? To show off? For fun? Because they are interesting? Or are you one of those people who don't DO quizzes (so why are you here?).

You are about to explore a universe where no man has gone before. What's that? Women? Oh. Yeah... I guess women have already been there and done that. But there is much to be learned. Take the quiz that will answer the questions we asked above. Our research has proven that there are 8 distinct quiz-taking types. Soon, you will know what kind of quiz taker you are; maybe even why you take quizzes. Good luck. There's no going back from here...

Created by: Shooshie
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  1. To you, life can be reduced to a set of questions that tell you meaningful information about yourself.
  2. Even silly quizzes have the potential to tell you something important about yourself.
  3. I get my friends to take quizzes, because it tells me more about their personalities.
  4. I feel a sense of accomplishment after I take a quiz.
  5. Quizzes are really just a fun way to pass the time.
  6. Internet Quizzes can tell you your IQ, your political persuasion, your philosophical stance, or even what kind of mate you prefer.
  7. How often do you take internet quizzes?
  8. This quiz has been
  9. When you see the results of this quiz, will you post it in a forum for others to see?
  10. After the quiz, do you go back and Google answers to quiz questions of which you were not certain?

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Quiz topic: What kind of a Quiz Taker am I?