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  • Your Result: A Coleman Lantern

    When you take a quiz, it makes you glow. The more questions you answer the more pumped up is your generator. Your mantle captures the fumes from each quiz, and your luminous spirit ignites those fumes in the mantle. Others in your vicinity cast long shadows in your brilliant light. Explosive, flammable quizzes are expertly compressed and yield a perfectly regulated vapor with which you illuminate the world. You would be a star in the sky if you were not so tiny.

  • I got bogart :)

    Of all gin joints in all the towns in the world, this quiz had to drop into YOURS. What the heck? Play it, Sam. Play that quiz, as time goes by. You're not one of those usual suspects. By the time you've finished a quiz, the bad guys lie dead, and you're walking off in the rainy night. Hey, this quiz just might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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