Conflict Style Survey

In the charming 2001 film Amelie, one character, Gina, asserts that "no man who knows his proverbs can be bad". This quiz may not provide insight into your inherent "goodness" or "badness" but it could shed some light on how you approach conflict with friends, family members, loved ones or coworker.

Instructions: Indicate your opinion of each of the following short proverbs as a conflict strategy. In each case, ask yourself the question: How desirable is this strategy as a method for resolving conflict?

Created by: abweser
  1. You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours.
  2. When two quarrel, he who keeps silent first is the most praiseworthy.
  3. Soft words win hard hearts.
  4. A person who will not flee will make his foe flee.
  5. Come and let us reason together.
  6. It is easier to refrain than to retreat from a quarrel.
  7. Half a load is better than none.
  8. A question must be answered by knowledge, not by numbers, if it's to have a right decision.
  9. When someone hits you with a stone, hit him with a piece of cotton.
  10. The arguments of the strongest always have the weight.
  11. By digging and digging, the truth is discovered.
  12. Smooth words make smooth ways.
  13. If you cannot make a man think as you do, make him do as you do.
  14. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.
  15. A fair exchange brings no quarrel.
  16. Might overcomes right.
  17. Tit for tat is fair play.
  18. Kind words are worth much and cost little.
  19. Seek 'til you find, and you'll not lose your labor.
  20. Kill your enemies with kindness.
  21. He loses least in a quarrel who keeps his tongue in cheek.
  22. Try, and trust will move mountains.
  23. Put your foot down where you mean to stand.
  24. One gift for another makes good friends.
  25. Don't stir up a hornet's nest.

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