What type of Foreign Volunteer are you?

People have always been drawn to fight in "Other People's Wars" for ideological, religious or nationalist reasons as well as for money and adventure. In the last 100 years Foreign Volunteers have flocked to fight in wars and revolutions. During the 1920's an International Brigade fought against the Red Army. In the 1930's the Internationalists fought in the Spanish Civil War. The 1960's to the 1980's was the golden age of the Mercenary Armies and Marxist Guerrillas in the wars over former colonies. The 1990's saw hundreds of volunteers drawn to the wars in Croatia and Bosnia fighting a very messy conflict. More recently the conflict in East Ukraine and the war against ISIS has drawn "Soldiers of Conscience", Foreign Volunteers of all backgrounds to fight in wars for no financial reward.

What type of Foreign Volunteer are you? What motivated you to consider joining the fight in a Foreign War? Are you an idealist? Do you have a strong desire to make a difference or are you a Veteran that can't settle down and can't help but be drawn to war? Is money and fame your goal? Take this test and find out which category you fit into.

Created by: Mulgarat

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  1. You first heard about the war and became interested in the cause
  2. Why do you want to go fight?
  3. You intend to stay in the fight?
  4. You would best describe your previous military training as?
  5. You take the following approach to kit?
  6. The last thing you said when you left to "go over" or will probably say to your parents, partner or housemate when you go:
  7. The last time you went to the range you:
  8. At the end of the day after being on the front you are most likely to:
  9. When this is all done you will?
  10. Scenario (be honest). You are moving across an open patch between buildings with a group and you come under fire you:
  11. if someone offered you money for being there you would?
  12. Your ideal role model is:
  13. GRIT is for?

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Quiz topic: What type of Foreign Volunteer am I?