Cryptheart's Political Spectrum

I myself have visited many different survey websites. I have undertaken many of them. Many of these surveys have been biased or have an agenda. I don't. I don't have an agenda I want people to be able to understand themselves and that is why this survey was created. I plan to do more along similar lines.

The question I am proposing is whether YOU are left wing or right wing. You might be surprised as I'm not taking any 'bench marks'. You might consider yourself left wing to your peers, but I don't really care about your peers, I care about the actual definitions. So you might be actually considerably right wing. Who knows. All you can do is take the survey and find out.

Created by: Crypt_Heart
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  1. In your view is inequality a fact of life.
  2. Traditionalist approaches are often better than popularist approaches.
  3. Abortion should always be illegal.
  4. All life is sacred and no one has the right to take it away. Even from themselves.
  5. Homosexuality is not natural.
  6. Religious/Spiritual values should always be the guiding force in our decisions.
  7. Adultry is fundamentally wrong.
  8. You believe that family time is essential.
  9. Corporal Discipline if used correctly can be effective.
  10. Family is more important than any other social aspect.
  11. You have a strong national identity.
  12. You believe that things should be preserved or restored to their former glory.
  13. Things were better in 'my day'.
  14. On the whole, Big business is good.
  15. Civilised society requires 'Order'.
  16. What the people want and what is right for the country is no different.
  17. Religion/Belief is very important to me.
  18. Socialism is Evil
  19. Equality is human creation and thus can be remedied with law.
  20. Truly progressive policies have rarely been tried before.
  21. Everyone should have the choice to do what he or she wishes to do with their body
  22. If a person is severely disabled and there is no real quality of life a person should have the choice to end their own life.
  23. Sexuality is not a choice and there are many different kinds.
  24. The government should be influenced not by religion but by facts.
  25. What happens behind closed doors is no business of anyone else.
  26. Meeting all kind of people is beneficial and the community is a valuable resource.
  27. Smacking children is never beneficial to a child's health.
  28. Community is the most important social factor.
  29. I feel that the whole world is my home rather than just one specific place.
  30. Conservation not preservation is how the environment and historical artifacts should be treated.
  31. Society is much better today than it was fifty years ago
  32. Local, Independent Businesses and Volunteering is advantageous to society.
  33. Equality is the epitome of a civilised society where no one is discriminated against and no one is paid because of how they were born.
  34. What is right for the country might not always be what is right for the people.
  35. The facts and the truth are very important.
  36. Capitalism and Greed is the bane of civilisation.

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