Nineteenth Century Political Spectrum Quiz

This quiz is designed to help you decide what your political standings would be if you lived in Europe in the nineteenth century. It was created for a history assignment.

The quiz tells you if you had lived during the nineteenth century you would be conservative or liberal for the period. It features pertaining to countries throughout Europe.

Created by: Elizabeth and Chandler
  1. You enjoy challenging your own country's political, social and religion values
  2. Adam Smith had a great economic policy.
  3. The government's power comes from the consent of the governed.
  4. Representation should be extended to the propertied class.
  5. People in a nation should use an older form of the language because it is purer.
  6. Ethnic and political boundaries should coincide.
  7. Legal equality, religious toleration, and freedom of the press are all worthy causes.
  8. A nation should only be composed of people that ethnically and politically coincide.
  9. Popular sovereignty is the key to a successful nation.
  10. Nations do not determining their own destinies resemble individuals exploiting personal talents to determine their own careers.
  11. The people, not the rulers, determine the national character
  12. Legitimate monarchies, landed aristocracies, and established churches are good things.
  13. Edmund Burke and Friedrick Hegel had good ideas about theoretical political and religious ideas.
  14. Unions do benefit a nation.
  15. Moderate reform is more desirable then drastic revolutionary actions.
  16. I agree with the purpose behind the Catholic Emancipation Act.
  17. Primogeniture and Charles X's policy of paying annual sums to aristocracy who had lost their wealth in the French Revolution are good policies.
  18. Louis Philippe was a good monarch with strong policies.
  19. Latin America should be governed by Spanish rule.
  20. The French government's Four Ordinances should be ignored.

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