Super Awesome Totally Not Gay Political Spectrum Quiz

What are you? Are you a tree-hugging hippy lefty, a church going money-loving republican, a church going charity giving left-authoritarian, or a "leave me the hell alone" libertarian?

Find out here! This quiz has been proven to be 100% accurate, and has been taken by top political leaders, such as: Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Nancy Pelosi, and Fred Thompson! yeah, that's right, FRED MOTHAf---IN' THOMPSON!

Created by: john
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  1. There should be a more equitable distribution of wealth.
  2. Religion has no place in the government.
  3. Government should protect consumers through regulation.
  4. Abortion should be legal.
  5. We should increase taxes on the richest 1% to help reduce our deficit.
  6. We should adopt a "live and let live" type attitude. An individual should be free to do what he wishes, as long as he doesn't harm another individual.
  7. Military spending should be reduced. Military action is only necessary against an eminent threat to our nation.
  8. Social security and medicare should be preserved. There should be no cuts for these programs.
  9. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 may have limited private property rights, but it was necessary because it helped end racial discrimination in the private sector.
  10. George W. Bush was wrong to invade Iraq.
  11. Government should provide an economic safety net to promote equality and end poverty.
  12. All workers should have the right to collectively bargain. This right shall not be infringed.
  13. Gun ownership should be banned and/or further regulated. (For further regulated, say 'slightly agree', for banned, say 'strongly agree')
  14. Gay Marriage should be legal.

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