Your political makeup

You probably heard of the idea that capitalists are right-wing and socialists are left-wing. There are many more spectrums however. You have a social spectrum, which measures how authoritarian you are, and you have an international spectrum, which measures if you prefer military or diplomacy.

In general, Republicans tend to be capitalist, and Democrats tend to be socialist. Both are pretty authoritarian. Foreign policy wise, Republicans support a strong military, while Democrats support a good diplomacy.

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  1. I support a free market
  2. I support welfare
  3. I support a minimum wage
  4. I support higher taxes on the wealthy
  5. I support a national wage
  6. I support public ownership of property
  7. I support drug legalization
  8. I support total free speech
  9. I support abortion
  10. I support same-sex marriage
  11. I support multiple spouses
  12. I support the right to own and keep firearms
  13. I support a strong military
  14. I support a good diplomacy
  15. I support increasing the military budget
  16. I support the world becoming one country
  17. I support imperialism
  18. Should democracies attack dictatorships?

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Quiz topic: My political makeup