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This political quiz aims to portray the results in ways that others don't - by acknowledging the fact that there are many intersecting and overlapping beliefs between different ideologies.

Any one policy could be supported both by libertarians and authoritarians, right wing and left wing ideologues alike. It is important to understand this, and realize that the political spectrum is not as simple as a left-right model.

Created by: Action Man
  1. Should marijuana be legalized?
  2. The trend towards globalization should be halted by any means necessary.
  3. An estimated 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. What should be done to address this crisis?
  4. Marriage should be legal for all people.
  5. Healthcare is a major issue. In the United States's free-market healthcare system, many who cannot afford it are forced to die or be ill without. In many left-wing countries, the single-payer system works well for serious and life-threatening operations, but there are issues with long periods of waiting for an appointment for less severe issues. What should be done?
  6. Supporting one's country is important, whether it is right or wrong.
  7. Religion: A.) Is extremely important to foster among the people, and B.) should have a dedicated place in government.
  8. p---ography: it is often discussed as being prurient, obscene, and abusive towards women who often have few other alternative job opportunities to turn to while being exploited for money, and yet, the legalization p---ography is often deemed necessary for a society that prizes free speech and expression. What should be done?
  9. Automation is on the rise. With every year, more and more workers are being replaced with machines, shrinking the job market exponentially for labor that isn't highly skilled, and leaving many people out of work. What should be done?
  10. The environment must be protected at all costs. Corporations, the government, and even individuals must be regulated in order to ensure this protection.
  11. Is land reform ever a good idea?
  12. Businesses and other institutions which mislead the public should be penalized in some way.
  13. The state should actively encourage nostalgia and revival for older trends and technology, such as vinyl records and VHS tapes, in order to diversify and grow the job market, as well as to stratify pop culture and media in interesting ways.
  14. The people should be permitted and encouraged to revolt against institutions, including schools, workplaces, family units, and the government, in order to hold them accountable to a set of standards.
  15. What should be the capacity of the military?
  16. The freer the market, the freer the people.
  17. It is a negative aspect of society that many people's fortunes are made by simply manipulating money and contribute nothing substantial to their society.
  18. Should abortion be legal?
  19. In the United States, the education system is extremely uneven in its development. In many cases, the areas with the most money are the areas with the best schools, meaning that the kids who need a good education the most are the ones who don't receive one. Teachers are overworked and underpaid. Private schools serve to increase class divides, among other kinds. What should be done?
  20. What should be done regarding immigration and border control?
  21. In the United States, trade policy is an interesting subject. Both neo-liberals and neo-conservatives tend to favor freer trade, in which imports and exports, including those of labor and jobs, are commonplace. However, many are beginning to rebel against this idea, claiming that free trade is causing many "unskilled" workers to lose their jobs as they're outsourced, and that we're abusing workers abroad while keeping domestic wages low.What should the U.S. do about its trade policy?
  22. The threat of Climate Change on our environment is a huge issue. The thinning ozone layer, rising sea levels, more frequent/powerful storms, and unusual temperature patterns are all indicative of a major crisis that will befall the planet and its people if we do not act drastically, and fast. What should be done in regards to the environment and Climate Change?
  23. In regards to the mortgage crisis and housing situation in the United States, the financial situation is tumultuous at best. The great recession of 2008 may be over, but more and more people, young and old, are finding themselves unable to own homes, while rent prices continue to increase higher than the rate of inflation would dictate. Millions of homeowners owe more on their homes than their homes are worth. Moving to find a better job is thus hindered. What should be done?
  24. Perhaps few issues are getting as much attention as the threat of terrorism at home and abroad. What is the appropriate military response to terrorism in the 21st Century?
  25. Museums, theaters, music halls, and the arts in general be propped up and supported by the state, helping those who create art to be employed and paid well.
  26. Hard drugs such as cocaine and opiates are dangerous, both to the users and those around the users. They are addictive as well, so the "right to choose" argument is weaker than it is for softer drugs like marijuana. On the other hand, making these drugs illegal subsidizes dangerous criminal gangs, and diverts users from the dilute forms (coca leaf tea, smoked opium gum) to the more concentrated forms (crack, heroin).Finally, because discreet drug use is operationally a victimless crime, we require police state tactics in order to have any chance at successful enforcement. Should we change our laws on hard drugs? (Credit to for this question)
  27. There are no savage and civilised peoples; these concepts were manufactured in order to justify the hostile takeover and manipulation of other cultures and societies by others.
  28. What should the most important aim of education be?
  29. To what degree should the use and purchase of firearms be regulated for civilians in the modern age?
  30. After death, organ donation should be compulsory.
  31. Should voting be compulsory?
  32. How should the government and political parties be organized?
  33. In the United States, the issue of police brutality is often brought to our attention, particularly as it pertains to the many killings of non-white citizens, who are very often unarmed and do not pose a legitimate threat. What should be done to combat
  34. In many cities, especially poor cities, the crime rate is an issue, with many people worrying about their safety on a daily basis. How should we seek to solve this problem?
  35. In criminal justice, punishment should be more important than rehabilitation.
  36. Many claim that the right of corporations to donate to political parties and candidates of their choice, as much money as they want, is crucial in a free and democratic society. However, others claim that this money "buys" politicians who are then more indebted to their special corporate interests than they are to the voters, so this process isn't democratic at all. What should be done?
  37. Police states...
  38. It is important for schools to instill religious values.
  39. In the United States, particularly in the south, many people take pride in the history of the Civil War, and of the Confederacy in particular, waving Confederate flags and even wearing them on clothing. Much of the population, however, finds the symbols to be representative of racism and the country's history of slavery, which the Confederates fought to protect. But many Confederate supporters would say that they were fighting for states' rights, not slavery. What should be done, then, about the controversy regarding monuments and statues given to memorialize Confederate soldiers?
  40. A public or state-run broadcasting institution should be put in place to provide a more balanced view in addition to private-run institutions.
  41. The first duty of women should be as mothers and homemakers.
  42. Should beaches and other national public lands, such as national parks, be privatized?
  43. Charity is better than social security as a means of helping the genuinely disadvantaged.
  44. The internet should be a free and open public resource.
  45. An effort should be made to return land to Native Americans, and to provide actual substantial compensation (money and good housing) for centuries of oppression.
  46. From time to time, politicians, academics, and others in high institutions should have to work in farms, factories, and do other such manual labor to make sure they stay connected with the needs and lives of working people, and to close the divide between rural and urban populations.
  47. Trusts and monopolies should be totally legal.

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