What politicial label best describes you?

Politics is not just left-wing or right-wing. You can have whatever label best describes you. Socialist and Capitalist, Authoritarian and Libertarian, Isolationist and Internationalist, and Dictator and Anarchists are all two sides of the same spectrum.

Left and right only apply to economics. You can be a right wing dictator, or a right wing anarchist. Same for the left. Left wing dictator, or left wing anarchist.

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  1. Economic: A national wage must be set
  2. Economic: Businesses must be regulated
  3. Economic: Taxation is theft
  4. Economic: State owned companies are better than private businesses
  5. Economic: Meritocracy is unfair
  6. Economic: Money is just a capitalist lie
  7. Economic: Welfare can help the poor
  8. Economic: Private property is theft
  9. Social: It's the user's fault for doing drugs on themselves, so they shouldn't be arrested
  10. Social: Gay marriage should be banned
  11. Social: Abortion should be illegal
  12. Social: Free speech should have no limits, as long as no one's ears are affected
  13. Social: Guns alone don't pose a threat, so no control is needed
  14. Social: People with more than one spouse should be locked up
  15. Social: Everyone is guilty until proven innocent
  16. Foreign: Stronger militaries could achieve world peace
  17. Foreign: Strong diplomacy is good
  18. Foreign: We should put national interests first
  19. Foreign: Being active in world affairs will better for all of us
  20. Foreign: International treaties can achieve a lot of things
  21. Foreign: Free trade is good
  22. Foreign: Immigration must be banned
  23. Foreign: Immigrants must adopt our culture
  24. Political: Single payer healthcare works
  25. Political: Countries should have strong leaders
  26. Political: Government can do everything private business can do
  27. Political: Private police could help solve crime
  28. Political: Government can never be justified
  29. Political: Pick the best system of government

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Quiz topic: What politicial label best describes me?