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Hi! I'm Cerise Hood! How well do you know my school, Ever After High? A lot? A little? In between? Test your Ever After High knowledge here!

Do you have that fairytale loving spirit in you? Or no?! Or something else like a real Ever After High world in you?! Take this quiz to see how much you know!

Created by: Cerise Hood
  1. Hey, guys! It's Cerise Hood! Well, since my bestie isn't on right now, I've decided to make a WAY BETTER quiz! So, let's get started! First question, who is our headmaster?
  2. There are two sides, which are they?
  3. Who are the two twins?
  4. Who didn't sign the Book of Legends and decided to rewrite their own destiny?
  5. Who is upset that someone is rewriting their own destiny?
  6. Which one isn't a Royal?
  7. Which one isn't a Rebel?
  8. Name three Royals.
  9. Name three Rebels.
  10. Are we Fellow Fairytales or Cool Ghouls?
  11. Who are the two main characters?
  12. Who are the two main characters' parents?
  13. What did they say could happen to you if you didn't sign the Book of Legends?
  14. Bonus Question! What is my favorite food?
  15. Just to let you know, I'm Cerise Hood. So, you might wanna look at that Bonus Question one more time! What's Cerise's favorite food? MY favorite food? Anyways, I know it wasn't AS good as you thought it would be, but it's better than nothing! And one more thing, your welcome, Vivious! I'm glad you liked your own shout out! Bye! MEAT!!! Click `Oh, here she goes, again! Everyone, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!`

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