Are You Royal Or Rebel? Ever After High

Are you wondering, "Am I Royal or Rebel?" Take this quiz! You may get Royal, Rebel, Rebellion Royal, or Royalty Rebel. Enjoy this quiz very much and it's awesome!

What it means to be a Royal is to follow the paths and traditions in your family. What it means to be a rebel is to support rewriting your story, unlike royals. Sometimes you're a Rebel because though you are following your family's traditions, you still support creating your own path.

Created by: NachosAnna
  1. You have a very big test on math-magical. What do you do?
  2. Which of the following colors do you choose?
  3. Which would you rather wear? A ballgown or something else?
  4. Which princess do you like best?
  5. What type of cake do you like?
  6. Apple White or Raven Queen?
  7. Cerise Hood or Blondie Locks?
  8. Lizzie Hearts or Kitty Cheshire?
  9. Madeline Hatter or Daring Charming?
  10. Lastly, do you think that you are Royal or Rebel?

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Quiz topic: Am I Royal Or Rebel? Ever After High