Are you a Rebel without a Cause?

Do you ever wonder if your a rebel without a cause? Do your friends or family say that you are? Well you have come to the right place in gotoquiz. com! There are 11questions that truley test if you have the rebel blood flowing in your veins.

Are you a pure rebel? A prime example? A typical rebel? Normal? A slight Rebel? Or totally rebel free? Find out below and I hope you have fun and find what your looking for. This is my first quiz so be gental.

Created by: tHeOdDmOnkEY

  1. Do you listen to abults, including parents, teachers, elders, ECT.?
  2. Do you randomly cause disruptions or distractions in class/work or in a public place (library, store, ECT.)?
  3. Do you purposely refuse to do things no matter what it is or who told you? (especially things that don't matter)
  4. How much do you enjoy making ppl angry/annoyed for no reason? (other than entertainment)
  5. Do you consider yourself a "rebel without a cause"?
  6. Do your friends or family consider you a "rebel without a cause"?
  7. How stubborn would you say you are?
  8. How ambitious are you? (determined/motivated)
  9. How patient are you as in how long will you wait just for the perfect moment to be a rebel?
  10. How patient are you as in how long will you wait for someo e to get back to you or explain something to you?
  11. Do you like attention when you do something abnoxious?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Rebel without a Cause?