are you a princess or rebel?

There are many good people,but there are also some people who want to be different-don't know what you are? this'll help you know if you are a rebel or a princess!

are YOU a princess or are YOU more like a rebel? Have you ever wondered what other people see you as-because thanks to me you can now find out in like 5 mins!

Created by: Unique

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  1. how do people react when you enter a classroom?
  2. when you're down, where do you prefer go?
  3. what would you rather do on your birthday?
  4. So, you've found out there's going to be a talent show.what do you do?
  5. your friend enters the talent show how do you feel
  6. she wants to sing...what would you say to her?
  7. shes just do you feel now?
  8. your bezzie asks you round for tea...what do you wear?
  9. your sister is annoying you...what do you do?
  10. How did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a princess or rebel?