Forever After High

In this story, you find out if you're a royal, or a rebel. You play the part Of Deilia skin, daughter of donkey skin. She and her best friend Turner Time, daughter of Father Time, are new to Ever After High. There they discover Apple's deadly secret, one that takes them and others to another timeline.

Turner has already decided to be a royal, but Deilia hasn't decided yet. You will help this pepppy, upbeat girl decide her fate. Also, if you get fifty fifty for Royal and rebel, you're a roybel.

Created by: S_E_
  1. "Hey, Delia?" Turner asks. "Have you seen Cedar? I need to borrow her Reveal-a-rays." She stands up and walks over to the window. "Uggh! They're fighting again." You walk to the window and see two girls fighting. "Who are they?" You ask. Turner gawks at you. "That's Apple White and Raven Queen! The most popular royal and rebel! Everbody's talking about them." You look down in time to see one girl shout: "I'm not evil, Apple!" And run away. The other girl stands there, suprised. She walks towards the school, and whispers to someone. By now Turner has changed into pajamas. "That was quick." You say. She smiles, pointing to her necklace. The hourglass one.
  2. When you wake up, Turner's standing over your bed. "You overslept by 54.5 seconds." She says. You get dressed, and the two of you walk to class. In the hallway, you tell Turner you'll catch up. You go over to where some girls are talking with Raven and Cedar. "Hey, Raven, right?" The purple haired girl nodds. "I'm Delia," You say. "I heard from my roomate you always argued with a girl named Apple, and I wanted to know why." Raven looks at you, suprised. "Well, Apple seems to think I'm having trouble with 'accepting my inner evil'. She literally rewards me when I do something wrong. And when I apologise, she scolds me." A girl with orange hair nodds. "When I told everybody I was dating Hunter, she looked like her heart was being torn apart." You say thanks, and head off to class.
  3. "Miss Skin, you're late." You sit down next to Turner. "I hope you have your homework?" You pass in your paper to Madam Yagga, and try your best to pay attention in class. By lunchtime, you've been late to three classes. "What's with you?" Turner asks as you sit across from Wendell West and Emena East. "Is it about Apple and Raven?" You look at her. "How did you know?" She points to her necklace again. "I saw you talking with Raven in the hallway." You tell her what you saw last night. "Yikes!" She says. "I know where we need to go after school..."
  4. After class you follow Turner into an area of the courtyard you've never seen. "Whe-" Turner covers your mouth, shushes you, and pushes you into a bush. She points at a group of people. It's the girls from the hallway, plus Apple and another girl. You hear Raven say, "Apple, why didn't you tell us? We're your friends, we would completly support you!" Apple shakes her head. "You wouldn't understand. Cedar, I knew youu were bound to find out, but I just needed to keep this secret." Turner pulls you out of the bush. A girl with dark hair that has pink streaks turns around. "Hey!" She says. Everybody turns to look at you. "How long have you been there?" Raven asks. "We just got here." Turner says. The older students look at you. All of a sudden, a terrible sound tears through the air. "It's coming!" Apple yells. Turner spins her necklace, and it doesn't stop spinning. "Everybody, hold hands!" Everybody does, and Turner runs towards the stone wall, going straight through. Everybody else runs through, and you find yourself falling.
  5. "Ewww. Where did you take us?" Apple asks, looking at a puddle of... various things. "Apple, it's your fault we're here in the first place!" Raven yells. "I took us to another timeline!" Turner intervines, pushing the two apart. "We would have died in 4.2 seconds if I hadn't." You survey the area, and see a broken castle. "I'm guessing something really bad happened..." You point to the sign, now hanging from one chain, that has Forever After High scrawled on it. "Oh, great." Raven says. "You've managed to destroy Ever After High." Turner glares at Raven. "You'd be suprised. In this world, the students of Ever After High are held prisoner by your mother." Everybody gasps. "What? But how?" You ask. Turner sits on a log. "Actually, it's all my fault. A few years ago I accidently travled back in time here, and stopped the Grimm brothers from trapping her in the mirror. So she trapped everybody's parents by turning them into stone, and trapped the students inside the school. Sorry Raven, but I'm pretty sure everbody here hates you." You look up, and a face flashes in a window. A cold, evil face. "Guys,I think somebody saw us!"
  6. You all start running towards a far off tree line. "It's no use," Turner yells. "Going at this speed, it'll take at least-" You look up and see Turner floating away. "Turner!" All around you, your friends float up, including you! Something heavy hits your head as you wildly spin. "Deilia!" You hear someone shriek as you tilt your head back and close your eyes.
  7. "Oh Deily, are you hurt?" You nod, tears in your eyes. Your mother kneels down and rubs your little head. She sits down on the marble steps, and you curl up in her lap. She leans down to your ear. "Someday you will be hurt very badly, and I will not be there." The castle gardens disapear, and soon so does your mother's embrace. "...Fault..."
  8. You thrust open your eyes, and all of a sudden feel pain everywhere. You sit up quickly, and Turner's arms fling around you. "I was afraid you were dead..." She says. You go to stand up, but Apple's friend pushes you down. "You need more sleep than that," She says. "I'm Briar." She puts out her hand for you to shake. Apple pushes Briar back, then kneels down. "I'm soooo sorry about the Jabberwocky. It's my fault it attacked us." "Jabberwocky? What the heck?" You ask.
  9. Another girl held a tea pot, and poured some tea into a cup. "A Jabberwocky's a big, scary dragon that can only be defeated by the Vorpal blade." She says. "...What Maddie said." Apple says. "I found one chained up in the woods, and it looked hungry, so I took care of it." The door pushes open before you can respond. A gaurd grabs your hand, and points you down a hall towards a large door.
  10. Stepping into the room, you see statues of all different story characters. You stop at the second to last statue. A beautiful maiden in a long dress kneels with her arms out in embrace. "Mom!" You yell, running into the statue's arms. "So that's who you are." A cold voice says. You turn and see a goregous woman in black step towards you. "Your mother was the last statue to add to my collection. But I never got you." She suddenly turns to face you. "But you were just an infant! You cant remember her!" You stand to face her. "But I'm not from here!" You say. "Any second know Turner and Raven and the others will come for me!" You snap. "So my daughter's in on this?" "Yes, because Raven's not evil!" You stop, and relize you're shouting. "My Raven, not yours." You sink to your knees. The queen glares at you. Then, gathering all her might, she howls a spell at you.
  11. The gaurd pushes you back into the room. You fall, and Cedar and Turner catch you. Help, you think, but nothing happens outside. Cedar slips her reveal-a-rays on, and gasps. "We need to get home! Deilia might die if we dont!" "Ahem?" Turner points to the spot where her necklace should be. "We cant. My necklace fell off out there. She points to the window, where Maddie is trying to make a chain of mice. "That's it!" Ashlyn says. "We can have one of your mice run out to get the key!" She grabs a mouse out of Maddie's hand, and pushes it through the bars on the door. A few minutes later, the door opens,but the mouse is nowhere to be seen. The mouse then apears in Maddies hand, and a 'floating' smile grinned.
  12. Your friends carry you down the stairs. " head..." you mutter. "Don't worry," Cedar says. "On the first day I told you two things: one, you can always borrow my reveal-a-rays, and two, You wont die. Now, hold on!" You finally reach the door, but the queen is already there! "You cant escape me! I own you!" "You dont own us," Raven says. "You own the us from your world. Not ours." The queen looks into Raven's eyes, who hands you to Maddie. "You're not my daughter, she desires to cese control." Raven smirks. "No, I'm not your daughter. And I'm happy because you're a terrible mother. And I liked you better as a mirror!" Raven zaps the queen into the mirror. Everbody held prisoner apears in the hall, and a new statue stands. "I'm not evil." Raven says. "Thank you." The Raven from the other world smiles, and reverses the spell on you. "That was amazing!" You hug the Ravens.
  13. Turner picks up her necklace. "Let's go home." You all wave, and go back through the portal. The Jabberwocky is nowhere to be seen. "Well, now I can go back to being a secret-less royal." Apple says, walking with Raven to their dorm. "And I can go back to hating evil." Turner looks to you. "That's what I've been meaning to ask you. You get foced into marriage, have to run away wearing the skin of a donkey, and become a farmhand before your happily ever after." "So?" You ask.
  14. "So, are you a Royal? Or a Rebel?

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