Are you royal or a rebel? Eah quiz

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Ever After high is a high school for teenage sons and daughters of the most famous fairy-tale characters-heroes and villians.Other than that school in our world too we can easily see how the people are like sorted in places depending on their likes and dislikes and who they are ment to be.Royal or a rebel?

You may feel difficulties on finding out which side are you on? A royal-true to your family traditions,popular and perfect as a royalty or rebel-writing your own destiny yourself and don't want to be puppet being controlled by rules or parents.

Created by: apple80221
  1. 1.Sorry but i SHOULD ask....your fave colour?
  2. 2.Worst thing that could ever happen to you?
  3. NOW NOW NOW! What kid of guy/girl you like?
  4. Your fave animal?
  5. What would you wear for grand ball tonight?
  6. Would you ever let your parents or friends down?
  7. Ever broke a rule?
  8. Fave food?
  9. First day of school and you walk in.How do people greet you?
  10. What do you think you will get?

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Quiz topic: Am I royal or a rebel? Eah quiz