Ever after high fan quiz

Ever after high is a fun fictional high school for the sons and daughters of fairy tail characters. It has many fans and since you are taking this quiz you are probably one too.

However, few fans are true fans. How much do you actually know? Here is your chance to find out in my very first quiz! ( it is hard but please do not rage)

Created by: Ash22

  1. Which one of these people does not have a son or daughter going to ever after high?
  2. Even though they are a royal, who doubts their fate?
  3. Even though they are a rebel, who likes their destiny?
  4. We all know that Raven refuses to sign the storybook of legends, but who actually gets rid of it?
  5. Which student is not invited to the Blue Moon Forest Fest?
  6. Who has a SECRET crush on Daring Charming (I emphasise secret because one of the answers is his actual boyfriend)
  7. Who designs the spring unsprung outfits?
  8. What did Raven Queen wish for in the wishing well?
  9. Who dares Daring Charming to date Lizzie Hearts.
  10. Last Question is very hard: I like all the students below, but which is my fave?

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