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Ever wondered what How to Train Your Dragon dragon you are on the inside? Ever wonder which dragon's form you would take while flying gracefully in the air? Well, this isn't the right place to find that out, this is just a fan made quiz, but I hope you will like it.

I wish I could have more than 10 results, stupid internet. Animals like the Timberjack, Snaptrapper and the Skrill. Sorry folks, none of them will be in the quiz, but there are ten good possibilities.

Created by: JaiGantic
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  1. What meal do you want to eat right now?
  2. What personality fits you best out of these options?
  3. What snack would you reach for first?
  4. What build would you be physically?
  5. What type of fire appeals to you?
  6. What Type of Breath appeals to you?
  7. Which of these colors is dragon-like in your opinion?
  8. Close ranged weapon of choice?
  9. How social are you?
  10. What location make you feel calm?
  11. Are you an indoors person or on outdoors person?
  12. Now for the "what would you do" questions. How do you pass the time?
  13. You see a human, how do you react?
  14. A female wanders into your territory, you want to impress her, but how?
  15. If you were to find some random human trying to tame you, what would you except for trust?
  16. What kind of human would you want to have?

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