How much do you know about httyd

Do you think u know a lot about httyd?Take this quiz to find out if you are a true httyd genius!This quiz has questions from more than just the first movie...

This quiz has questions about httyd 1 & 2,race to the edge,dragons defenders and riders of berk and the book of dragons short!i hope you enjoy my quiz!:)

Created by: Hjccstrid
  1. In the first movie,who made Toothless's red tail?
  2. Which dragon is not in the Boulder class?
  3. What are the two smallest dragons?
  4. What year did the second httyd movie come out?
  5. Who killed Stoik in the second movie?
  6. What is a Gronkles shot limit?
  7. Which are the only two dragons that eat eels?
  8. What class is a Zippleback in?
  9. What is the best way to tame a Scauldron?
  10. What does a Speed Stinger breathe out?
  11. What is stormfly's favorite food?
  12. Who is the first character to appear in the first movie?
  13. What is Stoik's dragon named?
  14. In race to the edge,what does Ryker say when he shoots Stormfly down?
  15. Finally,what did Stoik say when he saw Valka?

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