Which type of MLP pony are you? - Definitive Edition

Hey bronies, pegasisters, and bored non-fans. I'm sure you've seen bronies post quizzes like this before, and with a name like "definitive edition", you're probably thinking I'm a bit cocky, but I think I've made something really special here, for one reason.

I've taken multiple versions of this quiz myself, and in all the versions I've played, there's always been three possible answers. Earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn. But there's one version of pony that keeps being forgotten, until now. That's right, on this quiz, it is possible to get alicorn. Think you'll get alicorn, or are you expecting something more modest? Let's see what you get.

Created by: Tettei

  1. What determines how good of a day you've had?
  2. Your favorite thing to do out of these is...
  3. Pretend you had magical abilities. Doesn't matter which ones specifically, just the first thing(s) that pops into your head. What do you do with your new power?
  4. What about wings? When do you use those?
  5. Oh no! You were just in a horrible accident! Not only did you lose your magic and wings, your hands have been reduced to stumps. What now?
  6. You see a cute looking guy/girl across the street. How do you flirt?
  7. You've been thrust into a battlefield. Weapon of choice?
  8. Movie night! What do you watch?
  9. If you were to play a video game, what would you play?
  10. Regardless of Q&A, personalities, and all that noise, what are you hoping to get?

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Quiz topic: Which type of MLP pony am I? - Definitive Edition